Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Early Resolutions


I just finished have a big old clean-out of my studio; the place where I've been making claywork for about 25 years.

Amazing what you can accumulate......

Like twidgets that might look good on a ray gun.

Or a piece of beautifully oxidized copper tubing that might have possibilities for a handle.

I won't mention the amount of driftwood I've stocked up on
or round beach rocks and shells....

It's just as bad in my house. So these last 10 days or so, I've been sorting, grouping, pricing, advertising and hosting a big sale of things I probably will never use.

One must close one's eyes, extend the hand and arm, and drop whatever it is in the "For Sale" box. Ouch!

I realized that I was holding onto a newly designed  lid here or a teapot there that didn't fire right but had a great glaze. And the reason why these were hanging around is because I wanted to remind myself to try it again.

 (Palm to forehead) I Can Take A Picture of It and transfer it to a page labeled "Reminders." Much more sensible. And a heck of a lot less space.

But I did have a happy trip to the bank.

Next:  Thin out those image files and "those-stacks-of--articles-I-need to-read!!!