Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sorry for the long silence. It's because I've been very busy of late.

A lot of changes have occurred in the last two months. We returned to the Northwest with plans which we have set into motion. 

We are prepping our house to sell and have bought another. (Shown here with front view, back deck, the view of Poulsbo marina, and my new "clean" workspace downstairs for fibers and jewelry.)  

I will have to wait a bit longer to return to clay. The kiln will have to go in the garage, but my clay studio has a future home in the old laundry downstairs. In the meantime, I can still make things to bisque and fire eventually. Boy, will THEY be dry.  

It is very reverse of what someone should do, but there it is. The move is not very far, just across the bay. Those short moves can be worse than going across country just because you can do most of it yourself. Or think you can at least.

Long distance treks make you have to weed out, pack up, and have someone else schlep it all  to the new place. Short distances make you do most of the muscle work and you aren't under so much pressure to get rid of all that junk accumulated over the years.

But there it is. No going back now.

It truly takes six months to settle in to a new place. This will be our twenty-second move in fifty years. You would think we would learn.

Back to painting stairs.....

See you soon.