Thursday, January 31, 2013

Intriguing Image

I've had this jpeg knocking around on my desktop for some time now.

Don't know the origin, but I find it an interesting idea. What is conveyed is a message of anxiety. The facial expression; a Madonna-ish moulding of the face reminescent of early Spanish alter pieces. The position of the shoulders and arms, especially the slightly off-kilter of the neck and shoulders showing uncertainty; the hands. The stiffness of the posture, the starkness of the clothing treatment, all these elements instantly telegraph worry, dread, a holding in, restraint, correctness, stress.

I'm reminded of the Renaissance busts of young women and old dolls. And although they don't show the emotion that this image does, the appearance is similar.

I wonder if I could make one like this, but in my own style. Maybe not life size, as I feel this one must be. I would probably make one that would be a little easier to live with......

How would I construct it? The balance would be tricky to say nothing of the process of drying it without cracks. Maybe not so much body, thicker arms (and a less worried expression) would be a workable modification of the idea.

Maybe the trick of attacking it to a clay backing in exaggerated bas relief would work.

Or, as one clay figure sculpture artist I know dose it, make components that are later attached together on a support concealed inside. Like the places where clothing overlaps the figure.

And maybe a watercolor-y surface treatment.

I'm thinking a small experimental try would be the best.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What a Beauty

I wish I knew who made this beautiful plate.

Just two simple treatments.  And they work so well together.  

P.S. Getting over the flu/Valley Fever/Cold/Mung/Whatever. Been pooped out for weeks.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And now for something completely different......

Sometimes, It is good to be a hoarder:

Necklace componants:

Mother of pearl antique belt buckle.

Mother of pearl beads, buttons.

Agate beads.

Faux pearls

Real pearls

Glass beads

Seed pods

Wooden beads

Coconut shell beads and buttons

Shell beads

Brass beads and tiny brass bell

Moon stone beads

And for spice: Black onyx and glass beads

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Post, New Resolutions

1.  I will read more of the books I've promised myself to read, listen to NPR more and watch less TV.
My list on Amazon grows.

2.  I will listen to more music. Music lifts my soul and my mood.  I must remember to give myself that gift more often.

3.  Since I sent no Holiday greetings this year, I will write a short or long note to everyone who wished
me well.

This Holiday, I was working on my immunity to the flu...... The hard way....... One microbe at a
time....... Flat on my back and basically oblivious to most things.

4.  I will prove my ancestor, John Wood, the Mariner is the same man who died in the Battle of
Levorno, Italy or Leghorn, as the English say.  And I will get everything I know about him to date down on paper.

5.  I will write the stories of my family and about the funny things that happened to me while living in many different places.

6.  I will expand my art to more expressions:  Clay, sculpture, paintings, drawings and fibers.

Wow. Once I wrote all that down, it looks like a lot.