Wednesday, October 28, 2015

And Now for Something Completely Different

All through my life, I have made drawings. It is the first expression of art for most people. I was lucky enough to have access to miles of big paper due to the fact that my familiy's owning a dry good store and wrapped most things in lovely tan paper reeled off of a big roll stowed under the sales counter.

Never the less, I must admit am AM a paper hoarder. I admit it. And I like nothing better than to use colored pencils or watercolor with a lovely piece of tinted or heavy hunk of paper.

Here's some of my work:

Colored pencil on tan paper

Guam Palm

Colored Pencil

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder where your work wound up?

Ever want it back?

This happens to me sometimes. I made a sugar and creamer once - strictly experimental piece - that I sold at a show. Thank heavens I took a good photo for future reference.

This little "Tea for Two" pot also went and in this case, I knew the woman who bought it would use it. And that feels really good.

One piece that I think I will always wonder about is a large square teapot. It had been included in the first book, 100 Teapots.  It was sold before the book came out and try as I could, I could never find the new owner to let them know their teapot's image had been published.

Too bad galleries don't help artists track their buyers. I suppose they assume the two parties will go around them on sales, but that's wrong thinking. Cooperation and good communications between buyers, galleries and sellers has great potential to encourage even more sales for everybody.

I would be happy to let my buyers know where they could find my work. I'm sure galleries would appreciate artists who tell their buyers about the gallery or a show. And I know buyers appreciate information about where to find more of your work.  Think positively!