Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Post, New Resolutions

1.  I will read more of the books I've promised myself to read, listen to NPR more and watch less TV.
My list on Amazon grows.

2.  I will listen to more music. Music lifts my soul and my mood.  I must remember to give myself that gift more often.

3.  Since I sent no Holiday greetings this year, I will write a short or long note to everyone who wished
me well.

This Holiday, I was working on my immunity to the flu...... The hard way....... One microbe at a
time....... Flat on my back and basically oblivious to most things.

4.  I will prove my ancestor, John Wood, the Mariner is the same man who died in the Battle of
Levorno, Italy or Leghorn, as the English say.  And I will get everything I know about him to date down on paper.

5.  I will write the stories of my family and about the funny things that happened to me while living in many different places.

6.  I will expand my art to more expressions:  Clay, sculpture, paintings, drawings and fibers.

Wow. Once I wrote all that down, it looks like a lot.

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