Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Whimsical Clay" show

Soon, I'll know if any of my pieces from the "Whimsical Clay" show in Beverly Mass have sold. This is a really fun show. It's open to any medium and some very clever pieces are included. It's mostly for Massachusetts artists, but this year they called me before the prospectus went out to ask if I was planning to show again. I think this is my third year.

The little fish are about an inch to an inch and a half long, are all hand formed from a little ball of clay and are hollow inside. They are whistles--little one-noters. They can be put on a Christmas tree, but one customer strung hers on a leather cord and loves wearing it around her neck!

The Ray Gun is first made on the wheel by throwing different components, then hand forming clay to make the grip, loops, etc. This one I fired to bisque, then applied a special surface treatment that makes it appear to be very old metal. The name of the piece is "Lunar Artifact" as if it were tagged and on display at some museum in the future. Opens all kinds of ideas........

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