Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Arfs & Crafts charity auction

Drove to Tacoma yesterday to give The Art Stop my contribution to Arfs and Crafts. I made several small, low cat food dishes with freehand, one-line drawings done with a brush. I love to do these drawings and make them appear to be done by a child. It really takes a lot of control to do it, funnily enough.

But the absolutely favorite one isn't a dish at all. It is a joke/noteholder/penholder. Actually you can put a post-it on it. And it could be hung on the wall--the pen stays in--but I doubt it will be used that way. (Click on the image to read it if you can't see it on your browser.)I hope it's in the running for the Silver Biscuit Award or Pick of the Litter prize. The show opens Thursday, April 19th and a silent auction runs through Saturday, April 21. The Art Stop is at 940 Broadway, Tacoma WA. (see earlier post about the companion dog program the proceeds are used for.)

Enough of this ---I must get back to more serious work. Have a kiln to unload this morning. Am I a lucky person or what?

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