Friday, April 20, 2007

The Wolf Tooth Necklace

Here's the Wolf Tooth Necklace just finished. I tried to replicate it from "300". I love the way the necklace threads through the movie as a symbol of courage and love. And the use of it as a symbol of legacy. I only have a few right now. They'are handformed, made of porcelain and fired three times. The necklace length is adjustable with the wooden bead.
Contact me through comments with an email address if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

How much are you selling your wolf took necklace for?

clayartist said...

Hi, Tammy,

I did sell about 14 of these on eBay. They went for around $25.00 each.

Unfortunately, I don't have any left and haven't made more, but will probably make some more in the future.

I'm hoping to have my own website that I can sell from soon.

Thanks for asking! And watch this space. : )