Thursday, October 25, 2007

Changeable Vase

A vase with interchangable necks. Interesting idea, although I don't much care for the 'lock down' feature on the side and I wonder what the black ring and small ring are all about. I believe this example is made in Germany, judging from the Euro price and the attaching device--makes me think of old enamel German and British breadboxes and modern canisters with latches.

Makes you wonder, 'why go to all the trouble of calibrating the fit?' when it would be just as easy to make three vases. Of course, this is probably a cast commercial piece. It would be possible for a studio potter to do the same thing, although I'd more than likely figure out some kind of inner flange-fitting design to hold the different vase necks in place.

I once made a very tall vase that was wider at the top and bottom than the 'waist' and fitted it with a lid. I was quite proud of it and took it to a show. A woman was very interested in it; liked the look, but asked me, "What is it for?"

"Whatever you want." I said, puzzling.

"Yes, but what do you DO with it?" she said.

"Well, you could store spahgetti noodles in it." I said.

"Humm." she said.

"You could use it as a flower vase." I said.

"Yeeess, but what would I do with the lid?"

Maybe a multiple-choice vase is too much.

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