Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally in Ar-ra-zona!

We drove a vanload of furniture and dogs to Tucson, literally threw everything into the house; put the dogs in a kennel and left for convention in Las Vegas!The lobby in Bellagio with the Chihuly ceiling.And a beautiful early blue/gold piece in a small bar.

The yard has gone completely wild. I'm amazed how things grow here.

Of course, the second day we were here, my standard Schnauzer found a skunk at 4 a.m. She ran into the house and proceeded to scoot her body all over the rugs. Sacre cerise! Un pew! Le kitty que'l terriblay odeur!Having absolutely no experience with le chat de peu, she got sprayed.

Fortunately, it subsided after much airing and vacuuming.

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