Sunday, December 23, 2007


"Busy" is an old dog. She was named "Busy" because that was what she was, busy. We'd say, "that little dog is so busy." So, that became her name. She was the only puppy of the litter smart enough to escape from the barriers the breeder had set up. This was a big mistake.
Busy is smart. And busy. She understands a large amount of English words. Sometimes we have to spell in front of her. (She also knows, Owner puts on lipstick; Owner is going somewhere. Sometimes Busy knows owner is going somewhere even if owner just Thinks of going somewhere.)

Busy is now 12 years old. And Busy has her routines. She is the timekeeper.

One of which is, No matter when the peep of dawn comes, Owners Must Be Woken Up.

Another is: Owners must be accommpanied at all times. No matter if you move from one chair to another, Busy must get up and lay within a radius of 3-5 feet. This applies to bathroom visits as well.

Owners must be reminded of when to feed Busy. (This is a very tiresome task. You'd Think they would have gotten it by now.)

When Busy goes out the door;
Busy Barks.
(Doesn't matter if there's something to bark about or at, Busy Barks.)

And finally, Busy's In and Out routine goes like this:

Busy Drinks Water;
Busy Goes Out.

Busy Drinks Water;
Busy Goes Out.

Repeat every 2-3 hours during the day.

Simple enough for ya? Sheesh, Humans are so DUMB.

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