Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making TWO instead of ONE

Why, oh why don't I think to make TWO of everything?

Good reasons for making TWO:

1. Insurance Factor : ONE could get bumped, explode in the kiln, have glaze acne, develop a fatal crack, get dropped on the concrete floor or have any number of things happen along the way from the wet clay to finished-thing-out-of-the-kiln.

2. Other Insurance Factor : Making TWO can cut the odds of the above happening by 50%. (Well, it sounds good.)

3. Thing number TWO might actually be better than thing number ONE.

4. I would more likely to sell ONE if I had TWO.

5. I would be more likely to remember ONE if had made TWO; then I could even make ANOTHER.

6. When the Gods of Museums and Galleries approach me for my retrospective Book, One-(Wo)Man Show, Honors Award, or Grand Prize, I would still have in my possession ONE example of my works.

Note to self: Print MAKE TWO on every page of my clay journal. (Insert forehead smack here)


chaetoons said...

Right on!
Only problem is: i always feel "lucky" to get one of anything and trying to make two exactly the same would mind-boggle me!

Sarah Regan Snavely said...

I've been here! Know of exactly what you speak...sigh

clayartist said...

I'm so happy to find your blog. Your work is wonderful! Your greyhounds are so lyrical.

Yes, I've lived in a few quiet places-- on the Atlantic in winter with only the wind and surf sounds and in tall fir trees in the Northwest where everything is wrapped in a misty quiet. You can almost hear yourself think in places like that. Thankfully, even though I'm currently in a rather densely occupied place now, the houses are such that you can control the inner quiet if you wish.

Being an easily distractable personality, this is a good thing.

I'm a Mac-fanatic, so if you hit a snag, ask me (my email address will appear in your emails if you're moderating your comments.) I'd be happy to help.