Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year; New Clay

Today I went to my first class at the local community center. It's rather a strange feeling to be sitting in a classroom. I'm there just because I don't have any of my studio equipment here and haven't decided whether to get a wheel and a kiln and work out of the garage. Space is tight. So, for the time being, I'm in a low-fire hand building class and a cone 10 wheel class which meets day after tomorrow.

I've never worked with terra cotta before, but I found that this particular clay develops a very interesting texture if it is slabbed, then flung out on a canvas covered table top, turned and flung out again. I made a couple of three-sided salt/pepper shakers on pointy feet.

Also will experiment with a press-molded plate form, a little sculptured mouse and a plaster bowl form. We'll see how the clay reacts.

Pictures to follow.


Sister Creek Potter said...

I want to learn how to make those 'pointy feet' small pots. Can you share some hints? I've done some but it is always with a lot of patching and I think there must be a better way. I enjoy your blog--thanks for all the sharing! Gay

clayartist said...

These feet were just balls of clay pinched into 3 sides and flattened at the top, scored, water, the pressed on. A gentle thump on the table top flattens the points to make it sit well.

Check out Lana Wilson for some great feet ideas, like a clay carrot rolled up, small end first, then flattened and attached to the bottom for some really sassy feet. http://www.lanawilson.com/old/index.html. (She's updating her website, this is the old site.)