Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Easiest Photo Set-Up --- Ever

A chair, a roll of pro photographer's neutral grey background paper. Notice I have a thick pastel drawing pad to insure the seat is solid and level.

No clamps, no tape, just roll it out. Situate the chair to get the best natural sunlight.

Get a solid place to sit and steady the camera. Place the work gingerly in the center and shoot.

I use a Canon PowerShot SD500 with a 3x zoom lens.

For really serious photos, I use the set-up I have in my basement where there is absolutely no ambient light, a tungston light hung from the ceiling, a large paper sweep that comes from the ceiling to a tabletop. I bounce light back onto the base of the piece using a folded piece of foamcore or shiny gold card stock if the light needs a little warming.

That kind of photo set-up is how you get the really black top of the shot with the bright mid background and light grey surface where the piece sits, as shown in this shot.

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