Monday, March 3, 2008

Oil & Vinegar

Made on the wheel with Coleman Porcelain cone 10 clay. The glaze is black (slightly corrupted) overlapping an Ohata white.

Note: Care must always be taken when storing vinegar in a glazed container. Actually, it's probably not a very good idea unless you know the liner glaze is very stable and has no elements that could leach out into the vinegar. Also the vinegar's acid will discolor the finish.

The smaller container will probably not be used for vinegar--I prefer to store vinegar in glass. That's why I won't buy vinegar packaged in plastic bottles. I'll search for a cool looking glass container that I can stick the cork dispenser into.

I love making my own fresh salad dressing: One Serving

1-2 teaspoons sugar/honey/molasses. to taste
2 T. Japanese Rice Vinegar
4 T. good quality olive oil
Herbs and other additions, see below.

Mix sugar and vinegar first until sugar dissolves. Add olive oil and blend.

You can add any of the following to vary the mix:

Basil (my favorite)
Soy Sauce
Crumbled Blue Cheese
Italian herbs


chaetoons said...

What a great idea Jeanette !!!
Love the oil + vinegar bottles and also love the salt + pepper shakers having a "discussion" in the post below.
Your Ohata white glaze looks awesome! Is this one you brew yourself? Haven't heard of it before but it sure looks creamy and smooth.

clayartist said...

Thanks, Chae,
Unfortunately, the Ohata is a studio glaze and I don't have the formula. I've been working in a studio doing only cone 10 and I usually work in cone 5/6.

It is a lovely glaze. Has a fantastic feel. It's deep, thick and just a hint of blue with minute crystals just at the surface.