Saturday, April 5, 2008

Packratting can be Handy - One Example

When I went on the Dipper Jag a couple of years ago, I designed them so that an object could be added to extend the handle. I used carved chopsticks, black bamboo cuttings, wooden dowels skewers, salvaged lighting fixtures brass bits, knitting needles, etc.

Several years before, I had admired a grouping of African Porcupine quills and bought a handful. They were stuck in a flower frog in my studio. I'd originally thought they would make cool needle tools, since I couldn't ever seem to be able to find one when I needed it. My brain said, "African Porcupine Quills. They'll stick out in the jumble--I can find THEM".

Turns out, I never did use them for that; they are too beautiful.

Instead, I found they perfectly matched the corrupted black/brown glaze I was using, (no picture available, unfortunately) so they became exotic handles. They even looked good with white dippers.

Maybe the subtitle for this one should be, "LEAVE me alone 'till I have my coffee! Hissss"

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