Sunday, June 8, 2008

Casseroles and Bakers

Recently I bought a machine that converts slides into digital files. For years, I've been taking my own slides of work as much to use entering shows as to document my work. So, I've been in the process--off and on-- of converting slides, both of family things and my work. I'm glad I have made a record, but wish I had been more diligent in taking photos of everything because I know there are some pieces I sold before I made a slide.

Anyway, it's interesting to look at old work. Here's one of the first baking dishes I made. It's all slab work with off-set handles. An interesting idea, but not that practical. It's much better to have the ability to grasp a hot dish easily. Flared out rims, sturdy handles are definitely more functional.

The oval blue and white casserole is quite large. I really like the look of it and still have it. Thanks to the flared sides and the end swirls, it is easy to pick up.

This last one is a small vegetable dish. The lid was thrown upside down, with a generous amount of clay allowed at cut-off from the wheel, then allowed to get soft leather-hard and trimmed making the large top area. I really like the look of it. The top ring area is about 4 1/2 inches wide . Easy to grip, but hotter than a knob projecting above the lid.

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Sister Creek Potter said...

Lovely work, Jeanette. I love reading your blog because I am always so inspired by it. Thanks for all the sharing. Gay