Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tiles, Tiles, Tiles, Continued


I've thought about this hanging tiles stuff a bit........Think I'll mark off the walls into 1/4 sections with an elongated vertical mark for each quarter, then lay out the tiles, measure them the same way and mark them off in vertical lines at 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 bits. That way, I can align the verticals and hang the tiles in segments without biting off too much at a time, and keep the spacing uniform from one end to the other.

Takes a while for these ideas to fester......

How do you ponder problems? Do you grab a piece of paper and start drawing? Do you work it out in dialogue with yourself? Sometimes I sorta' open up a space and hang a sign on it saying, "This space open and reserved" and go about my business for a while. Pretty soon, like a Magic 8-Ball, something floats up.

Same goes for finding lost objects. Another way to find lost things is to go to bed at night and say, "Okay, I will wake up tomorrow and know where the lost thing is." Then you sub-conscious , which watches you all the darn time but never says a Word when you try to find something, will whisper in your ear while you sleep.

It's just fascinating to me how people think. A lot of my thinking is in pictures. When I was teaching art, one of the first things I would ask my students is, "How many of you can visualize a cube in your mind?"

Kids would raise their hands.

"How many of you can see that cube as if it were transparent; made out of glass?"

Less hands.

"Now, how many of you can tumble that cube end-over-end in your mind?"

Even less or no hands up at all.

Update: I've just discovered that I can buy the webbing that comes as a mosaic tile backing. It is webbing attached to a contact-like paper that can be glued onto the back of tiles, then the paper peeled off to leave just the webbing so that the tiles are all linked together. 'Way better than trying to thin-set each tile to the wall. Now I have to figure out just how to do this.

Think I'll start by tracing each tile out onto a large sheet of paper--taped together paper grocery bags should do it--cut that out in one long wall-strip and see how well it fits. If I divide that into fourths, I will know how much spacing I will need.

I COULD lay out the tiles and when I got the width right, take the very wide transparent Scotch tape and stick it in strips onto the face of the tile. I could cut intervals apart with an Exacto knife, hang the tile and then peel off the tape when it is set.

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