Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Backward Cup

This is my trick mug.

I say trick, but really, it works well.

One day I was pondering handles. I wondered what makes a good handle? I picked up several of my own mugs and the ones I had collected and held them, closing my eyes.

I realized that most of the contact of the handle was registering at the top and bottom of the loop. At least, that's how it felt when I was holding the cup.

(I never could 'get' the thumb-stop thing. I guess it works if you hold your mug like a lumberjack--elbows out.)

So I wondered. What if you made a handle that was only the contact points?

I love to take it to shows and offer it to someone, handle facing toward them.

The reactions are extremely varied.

Most people refuse to take it by the handle, fearing they will drop it.

Most will wrap their fingers around the opposite side and then, maybe try the handle. Many people will not ever try to hold or test the handle preferring to hook their hand under the top and rest the bottom against their little finger or between their third finger and little finger.

A lot are surprised. And puzzled. Those that do hold the cup as if the handle was a full arc find that even though they know the center is gone, there is a 'ghost' center or full loop sensation anyway.

It makes me wonder what the dividing line is between those people who believe their eyes and those who believe their physical sensation.


Of course, the inside of the mug is a regular mug--I wouldn't put the rest of the handle inside. Too obvious. After all, a joke is funny at first, but gets old really fast. This way, the mug remains intriguing.


Potterchik said...

That's clever!

Potterchik said...

That's clever!

-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Interesting...That is something I love about pottery, looking at objects and trying to figure how to make them function better or in new and interesting ways. Now I really want to try your mug!