Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just got back from the annual National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts convention in Phoenix. My head is still spinning with all the wonderfulness of it all. Too bad you can't s-p-r-e-a-d it out into a couple of week's time. It's impossible to see it all, attend every event, or meet everyone you want to talk to. But I tried.

There were galleries and other venues presenting works in clay, there were seminars, discussion group meetings, receptions, presentations, an exhibitor's hall of vendor's equipment and tools, schools representations, demonstrations of techniques, sales of clay works.

Authors signed their books, students rubbed elbows with famous artists and everywhere something to see, new people to meet, ideas to stir your brains. In short, it was a virtual clay artist's heaven.

I've been to several conventions in the past few years and I always come away with new life and new ideas. I also come away with the thought that I must make it to the one next year. Usually, they are held on alternate coasts or general areas of the US. However, next year it will be held in Philadelphia and the following one in Tampa. I will try to get to both even though it is expensive to travel, the value received professionally is golden.


Jerry said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting. I am excited about the Philly show. I hope to go to that one since it is drivable for me. I have not yet been to NCECA, so I figure I've got to go!

Patricia Griffin said...

Maybe I'll get to it next year. Philadelphia! Glad you had a great time!

Ron said...

Holy cow, I'd like to lick that Betty Woodman pot.
I'm hoping to go to Philly too. I'll be easy to spot if I'm getting hauled out of a gallery of luscious earthenware pots for indecent acts.