Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Progress Report

What Have I Learned in the Last Few Days?

That I can hook both computers up to the router using two firewires and run them simultaneously. 
1 point for the old G4
1 point for the MacBook

Bad news for the email accounts that keep loading up with the same messages. I haven't even looked at the server's folder.  Even though the emails are going to two different computer addresses, there doesn't seem to be a problem..... I just have to keep on top of the volume until I can completely transfer to the laptop.

That I did download all my iPhoto library onto a disc, I mean it actually took them all.  Surprise.  But the MacBook will only load what's new on the camera.
1 point for the old G4. 
Another point in favor of getting old G4 it's own printer.
-1 point for the MacBook

That the only way I can download music from my iPod is to wipe the whole library and only transfer that which I purchased online. Forget about all the albums I loaded on already, all the podcasts  and audiobooks I've downloaded.
-3 points for the MacBook
A Nano is looking good for the Christmas list.
I'm going to try and back up all my iTunes library onto a disc just in case. But otherwise, I guess it would be better to just keep the library intact and download new onto the lalptop.   

I did get on the web and am now in the process of editing all my bookmarks and transferring their addresses to new bookmarks.
Even score--I needed to edit the old bookmarks anyway.

I can send jpegs as attachments to myself using two separate email addresses.  A tedious process for sure, but now I know that at Least I can do it.  I guess I'll just have to think of the old G4 and discs as a storage units and transfer the images on an "as needed" basis. 

Fah! I've gotta get back to the studio!

Enough of this whining!

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