Monday, May 4, 2009

So Ugly It's Cute

Yesterday, I went to an outdoor antique flea market. I love doing this. I usually look for old kitchen gadgets that are NOT plastic, but this time, I found a little gem.  

The whole thing is rather small. I have a suspicion it isn't American--it may be French. The dealer had several things from Europe and the shape of the cone, the handle, the spout, makes me think this. 

The reamer cone is taller and doesn't spread out at the bottom like American ones do. It just has a different shape. And the whole thing screams Deco.

I have been looking for a good reamer for a while. This little ugly fits all the requirements: Sharp edges on the cone, good-sized reservoir, very positive, focused pouring spout, a nice handle and an added bonus: A removable strainer. The slot the aluminum strainer slides into is amazingly fine and it will fit only one way. The tiny tabs that hold it securely in place. 

Attention to design and manufacture of such a mundane little thing shows a lot of care and skill went into designing and manufacturing it. Another reason why I think it is French. I mean, who else takes food and food preparation so seriously?
Usually I don't like orange Anything. 

(It's the a lasting trauma caused by having to live and function in a 1970's kitchen with dark cabinets, a confetti-linoleum floors and Bright Orange Formica Counter Top. Seemed like miles of it. 

Walking into that kitchen every morning was like getting hit with a blast of brass trumpets! 

But for some reason, this little thing well, it just seemed to be okay. 

The material is either an early plastic or a Bakelite. It is beautifully molded and light as a feather; only about 1/8th of an inch thick.  There are no trademarks anywhere on it.

Here's a great example of function interpreted very gracefully and beautifully.  I will enjoy and appreciate it every time I use it.


Anonymous said...

I would agree that it's BUTT UGLY but leaves a lasting impression! Glad it found a home!

Jerry said...

That is a fantastic find!!

Our reamer is a little metal one that sits on top of any glass. It has holes in the bottom so the juice goes into the glass and the pulp/seeds stay in the reamer. I think it is old, but I am not sure.