Saturday, July 18, 2009

Teapot Spouts

One of the problems with teapot spouts is dribble. The spout angle, the throat, the belly of the pot - all have an influence on how well the pot pours.

This little guy does a fine job. The open spout is more like one found on a coffee pot, but no matter. I'm a firm believer in doing what works. I have a German coffee pot with a spout much like this one, but it has the added feature of a fine groove just under the lip and a tiny hole drilled near the tip. Has something to do with allowing air to catch that last drop and it works well. One day, I may try it.

And, of course, the stands are fun. Protects surfaces from the heat of the pot and they are easy to throw. Just make them upside down. I let mine dry on smooth batts so little finish work is needed.

Maybe a slight upturned lip on the stand and a bit more extension out past the base of the teapot would excuse a dribble here or there from a faulty spout.......but then, that would have to be done by throwing the stand right side up, but that's do-able.

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