Monday, August 10, 2009

Sign Your Pots--The words were hardly out of my mouth

When I got this wonderful note:

"Jeanette ,
I hold in my hands a wonderful piece of art that has your name on the back . I got it for my brother years ago, but couldn't part with it. I think of him as my Mongolian man, or Inuit ?

He's not very big , mounted on linen with a label on the back with your name . He has white glaze around his face and mustache.

I'm delighted to have found your blog and hope to hear from you concerning this piece. When I saw you lived in WA I knew I had the right artist!

Thanks so much Jeanette, I'm not his original owner but love him just the same.


What happy serendipity, I say.

I well remember this piece. I didn't make many of them--maybe 3 different ones, around 1994? 1998? Somewhere around that time.

The title of this one is "Arctic Explorer".

They were small, rather flat sculptures with burnished dark clay and a wonderful white icing-like semi transparent glaze. The Japanese call it 'sugar glaze'.

I mounted these small head and shoulders pieces on a backing made of two linen over heavy cardboard rectangles sandwiched together with the piece attached on the front, on the back, a hanger and a fabric ribbon label printed with my name.

It's so cool that it has found a home with someone and even further in coolness that she has been able to find me and tell me about it. It's rare you ever know what happens to your 'children'.

Thanks, Sandy, for contacting me!

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