Saturday, September 12, 2009

Images and Slides

Entries into juried shows have, for the most part, converted the entry process from sending slides to sending a computer disk of entries.
So, some time ago, I purchased a Nikon Cool Scan V slide converter. I have binders of old pro and archive slides that needed converting and back-up.
So, these last few weeks, I've been hacking away at doing just that when I can get the time and the gumption. I really needed to get a better handle on accessing and managing my slides with new work images.
Add to that the purchase of a new laptop and the need to get everything in one place. The old images were still sitting on the G4 Mac. I needed them on the laptop and in a new catalog system for easier access. I also realized I needed to do the grunt work of putting ALL of the old and new digitals on back-up disks.
Let me tell you, it's tedious converting slides.
Each slide must be hand-fed into the scanner's maw, it's electronic digestion groans; you punch the "Scan" button on the computer screen, the scanner humms and haws, making it sound like it's grinding up the slide within. It then ups the musical scale to let you know it has swallowed the image and is digesting.......Then, when you request the image delivery, it sings and whines and dumps it to the desktop.
It's like feeding baby food to an 8-month-old and dealing with the result. (Meaning there's more work ahead managing the image within a program like iPhoto.)
You push a scanner button to punch out the old slide--it even has something to say about THAT.
What a Prima Donna.
On the whole, the process is slow and boring as hell.
Who knew this could get so complicated! And you thought making art was just making art.
"HA", the Gods say, "HA!"

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