Saturday, September 26, 2009

Round Answers Round

Round forms make great flower vases. And they are fun to throw on the wheel.

Putting a good lid on a very round form is another matter altogether.

"The Bishop" is a small piece with a totally experimental lid. It may not look it, but this lid really works well as far as ease of grasp and access to the jar. It has a flange inside.

It can be difficult to find a distinctive lid that holds it's own with the form, yet relates to it in design.

This is a fairly unassuming lid on this brown teapot, but then there's a lot of 'round' going on above it.

Same with the large green basket.

I like to see a lot of 'air' in the negative space. It makes you feel you can slip your hand inside the space with no problems.

Relating the curve of a handle with a very round vessel is another design consideration--you want the negative space to be neither too large or too small and to relate well to the roundness of the pot.

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