Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Cadogan" Style Salt and Peppers

The Codugan teapot design using the inverted inside funnel is also used to make salt and peppers in clay.

I've made dozens of these and sold them at shows. They are real good sellers and are a great way to start a dialogue with customers.

People will pick them up, see that they are salt and peppers, but are puzzled. "Where's the holes?" they will ask.

Sometimes I tell them they're for people on limited salt diets. But then, I show them how they work and they love it.

I usually make them in the shape of pears, since the form lends itself so well to this form, but I've also made them in many different designs.

Here's a salt made by Illinois potter, Paul DreSang.

I attended a workshop and demo about his famous tromp l'oeil leather bags. (See below.)

Beside the 'leather' bags, Paul also makes salt-fired wheel thrown work. He made some pieces available for purchase at the workshop and I bought two pieces which I use nearly every day.

Pictured is a DreSang piece that looks like a rather unique teapot sitting inside a very convincingly-made collapsed black leather bag.

The zipper and metal buckles look real, but they are also made of clay.

The piece is quite large and is part of the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery in Washington D. C. It is in the permanent collection and is on display occasionally.

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