Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Weird Chocolate Pot

Wouldn't you know?

Here's a pot that just disproved all my great theories about handles and spouts.

It looks like a beer stein/chocolate/coffee pot.

Just proves you can find anything on the internet.

But you know, here's the great thing about clay: You can make it into just about Anything.

Whatever you can spin up in your cranium, you can figure out how to make with clay.
For instance, while I was doing a lot of quilting, I got tired of picking up the thread spool, cutting it off in lengths of thread, putting it down, then threading the needle. Sometimes the spool would get misplaced and I'd have to look for it.

I made a little clay spool spinner/holder that could sit on a table next to me and I could whirr the thread off the spool with less fiddling. A bamboo skewer, cut short, fits into a long hole at one end; the other end of the skewer slides down in the opposite side slit.

The extension of clay at one end serves as a small handle.

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