Monday, November 16, 2009


Spontaneity. Easy. Just let yourself go.

Oh, yeah?

Sometimes it just isn't that easy.

Sometimes you can work a piece to death.

But when you find that capacity for spontaneity, when you pull it off, when you breathe life into your work,

it's like dancing.

It only works once.

It can't be undone.

It can't be 'corrected'.

This little stoneware trivet was wheel-thrown upside down with a rounded concave base which was altered when leather the piece was hard. I trimmed away the rounded base to create four feet.
It was glazed with white glaze and a thick cobalt stain applied with a large Japanese calligraphy brush.
Fired at oxidation, cone 6. The cobalt sizzled and jumped making small dots. A surprise when I unloaded it, but looks great.

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