Monday, December 14, 2009

The Gilded Bowl

Is it utilitarian? Does it matter?

I suppose you could put fruit inside. Or pine cones. Or pot puree.

But why would you?

It's just nice the way it is.

So why do some artists feel they must justify what they make?
Big question. It comes up some times at shows. I must admit, I usually give the questioner a quizzical look because I just don't think that way. If something is nice, beautiful, pleasing, that's enough excuse to exist.

This large bowl is made of terra cotta. The gilding inside is fake gold. I did a workshop demonstrating the gilding technique and the bowl has been hanging around for several years. I'm giving it the time-test, I suppose. I thought it would fade with age and be a transient thing. It hasn't.

I never tire of looking at it; the contrast between the earthy, semi-rough exterior with the glory of the interior.

Think I can do another one. Now.


Paul Gruner said...

That's a beautiful bowl.

If you don't mind my asking, how did you gild it? I'm assuming it's not gold leaf, since you said it was 'fake gold.'

I make some Raku jars with lids and I get that same question - "What would I use this for?" I usually make some awkward answer like "well, I don't know - anything except food or liquid - it's really just decorative." I really need to come up with some witty or whimsical reply.

clayartist said...

Hi, Paul,
Thanks for the comment.
The company that makes the gilding set is "Old World Art"

It comes in a transparent cylinder package and is labeled Gold Leafing Kit 831. The company is in Ontario, California.

It comes in gold, silver and copper. I only bought the gold and silver. Still haven't done the silver treatment because I have yet to have made anything I thought silver would look good on.

As I remember, I picked it up at Daniel Smith, an art company in Seattle. You might check their catalog, your local art store or google name and see what you can come up with. It cost about $15.00 for the kit. You might even find it at Michael's.

Update: I found it online at Dick Blick's art supply store.

Hope this helps.


Linda Starr said...

So glad I saw your post. I'm working with cassius basaltic clay right now and would love to try some gilding on a couple of pieces; it would contrast nicely with the black clay. thanks for sharing the source for the gilding kits.

clayartist said...

Linda, I love it when that happens.