Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two Approaches to Pattern

These two test tiles were photographed next to each other to show the results of positive and negative interpretations of the same theme:
The tile on the left was done with a fine-brush wax resist to outline the gaps between sections of a palm motif; the one on the right is made blocking out the space where the frond would be with wax and glazing the areas that would be between the leaves.
At first impression, the left tile looks like fine leaves, but imagine doing this again but this time, using a light glaze instead of a darker one.
What would this look like if the clay were lighter?
This square plate is taking the idea of the test tiles and creating a light ground by carefully reserving the white with resist, then pouring a green glaze over it starting with one end of the piece (in this case, at the bottom of the piece) and allowing the glaze to roll to the other end.
It's a one-time thing. After it dried, I took a brush full of darker residue of the glaze and sprinkled dots over the surface--one or two splatters was all.
I remembered a watercolorist who used to be on television who did this constantly with his pigment.
Can't wait to do this some more with some square plates for a bisque firing.
Also, I have a really nice dark clay to experiment with.....

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