Sunday, February 21, 2010

Write It DOWN!

How many times have you done something with glaze, just on a whim while you're into glazing, didn't write it down and by the time you've made enough stuff to fill the kiln and finally fired it all and then take the work out and say "WOW, LOOK AT THAT!", you've forgotten what the heck you did?

Not only is the above one of the longest sentences in history but, unfortunately, it is a true sentence.

It's happened to me 'way too many times. Here's an example:

This plate was done in a workshop with unfamiliar clay, unfamiliar glaze and a different kind of firing. So I have an excuse.

But seriously, I did work up a page for my studio notebook that has a header showing the date, the cone, whether it's a bisque firing or glaze firing, how full the kiln was, how long the firing took. There is space below the header for a quick drawing of the pieces, notes about the glaze, etc. and in the upper right corner, a marked-off square for after-firing comments.

Like: Don't use this glaze over that glaze. Or
This glaze needs to be put on thicker/thinner.

It helps.

If you remember to do it.


Linda Starr said...

That is one beautiful plate. I keep notes, but sometimes I found I didn't keep detailed enough notes, you are so correct about the note taking. I even found that at the time I said I would never need to know that, was never going to do that type of work again, but then later I needed that information to apply to a similar or different technique.

Helena Erthal said...

It's more than fantástic! You've got a picture on this plate!! Maybe its not to be made again...It's too special!