Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Torso - Wall Hanging

This wall piece is a raku sculpture with a touch of glaze. It sold through a gallery where had been hanging for several months.

I had decided it was time to bring the torso home when I exchanged some new work for some old work at the gallery.

I hadn't had it more than a week when I got a call from the owner. One of the sales people wanted her to ask me if I still had the torso. I said, " yes" and the owner said, "One of the sales people wants to buy it."

So it is now on her wall. And I'm so pleased she likes it and will have it.

It's funny how you can, in your mind, 'own' something and only feel it's loss when it is not there anymore.

1 comment:

Linda Starr said...

beautiful piece; great story, the salesperson missed your work.