Friday, July 30, 2010

"Room Temperature Glaze"

So I've been cleaning and sorting out the studio lately and ran across this small tray that's been knocking around for some time.

Originally it had only the 6 blue dots in glaze, which did nothing for it.

I stopped, took a good look at it and, grabbing my 'Room Temperature Glaze' of Pebo Porcelaine and a liner brush, added a few brush strokes and now the whole thing looks much better.

This finish will set in a kiln temp of 300 degrees for 30 minutes. And it truly does bond with the glaze.

This can be done in a regular household oven, but I'm not having that--don't know what kind of nasty off-gasses might stick to the oven lining and transfer into the next loaf of bread dough--not worth it, to my mind. So, I would recommend putting it into the next kiln firing at the very first when you're candling the ware or just do it in an empty kiln. I doesn't take long and you can dry a few pieces of greenware while you're at it.

Besides, this little tray is designed for serving only and not for the oven anyway. Doubt if I'll sell it.

I would use this on anything that is decorative. If you layer on several coats thinned with a bit of water, it produces a very satisfying result. And you can accomplish a nice watercolor effect as in the tray.

Given the choice between this as an overglaze and using an underglaze, however, I'd choose the underglaze every time.

See how easy it is to get out of cleaning and organizing the studio?

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Linda Starr said...

I was recently reading some old Ceramics Monthly and saw there is a mini kiln that is set in a microwave oven and was intrigued by it, will have to dig that article up again, wonder what it would do?