Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mystery Flower Pot

Every once in a while, I run across a pot on the web and wonder about making one similar.

Here's a rather strange one.

I wonder who designed it and why. shows a detailed photo of the piece.

The side portions are designed to be flower holders.

They would keep a stemmed flower upright. Daffodils? Tulips?

But what are the four other holes in the middle for?

Maybe to hold cord for a hanging pot? That would then mean it wasn't designed it sit on a table as a centerpiece. But somehow, it doesn't look like a hanging pot either.

This was made in a period of highly experimental china making. So who knows how it was used. One thing I know, pieces were not made with holes without a I like to imagine: An elaborate Dutch shoulder yoke sat between two of these pots suspended with cords?

A search for St. Cloud yields several short articles about the company and lists collections that pieces can be found in, but not much else.

A mystery.

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