Sunday, November 14, 2010


I made this little sculpture when I was working. It expressed all that I was feeling at the time.

Not that I didn't love my job; I did. It was just a high-demand, high-pressure with a long commute coupled with home demands. At first, when I was at work, I was totally -at work- and when I was home, I was totally there. But as time went by both sides began to erode into the other.

Thank heavens this isn't my situation now.

The head is segmented with spacers in between to give the appearance of pushing upward. The bands are holding it down.

Originally, the head was encircled with rubber bands, but I decided that wasn't permanent enough and replaced them with wires. I don't think the message is as effective as with the rubber bands.

That's why it's never been shown. The resolution of where the wires go and the base doesn't work well.

I love the idea of the tension, though.

It's a do-over for sure. Next time with something that looks like rubber bands and slots in the base for them to 'fit into' as if anchored down.

I also like the use of the same clay to form a base.

Maybe a base that appears to be metal with bands of metal.......

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