Thursday, February 17, 2011

Looking at Images

Here's four images of a medium large pot:

Image 1

This one gives you a good overall idea of the rim--that it extends out and gently turns down. Not much is shown of the size of the inner opening but the outer and inner shape of the rim is evident, although the back inner edge is not shown well.

The fact that there are two curved loops or "handles" and their relationship to each other is evident. The volume of the body is evident.

An enlargement of this image shows that the front and back rims are not quite in focus--the depth of field is shallow, although the loop handles are well in focus.

Image 2

This image shows the sweep of one loop but says nothing about the other one except that it's there.

This is a kind of "Look at my muscles" shot. The whole story is the loop. And for some reason--lighting, reaction of the glaze, weird lens response--the loop doesn't look exactly rounded.

There's more definition of how the inner and outer rim are constructed, but you don't know what's going on on the other side of the pot.

If this were going to be entered into a single-image juried show, this is not the image to send.

Image 3

The story of the rim is better here. You can see that it is lipped and recessed below the edge. You understand the curve of the handle and the bulk of the pot.

Turning the pot picks up the rim's great glaze coloration. Show this stuff off!

The sweep of the loop is better defined. And you do get a better understanding of the bellied out body of the pot and the size of the opening.

Image 4

The story here is the shape of the upper lip of the rim, the width and depth of the opening and the two handle's relationship to each other. But the bottom half of the pot is obscure. You get a better idea of the coloration of the glaze on the rim.

I like the blackness of the opening. This shot gives the pot a lot of weight. The lower half is in shadow, however.

On the left-hand side,I don't like the top of the loop shape aligned exactly with the side of the pot behind it. This is a bit ambiguous. And the focus isn't good, although the focus at the bottom of the loop is great and shows it off well.

So the story here is curvy loop, deep dark opening; rim coloration secondary, but a nice balance with the showiness of the opening.

So, if you were picking slides to send to a jury, which would you choose?


Anonymous said...

Image One Please!

Linda Starr said...

Image 4

sharon said...

I definitely prefer photo 2, best shot of those unusual handles. Thanks for stopping by and for the Scotchguard hint.

clay tiles said...

All images looking beautiful.