Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tucson Bead Show

Just got back from 2 days prowling the halls of the Tucson Bead show, part of the megga Gem and Mineral Show. Today, I spent the day at To Bead True Blue. Two huge display areas showing everything from crystals to precious clay and fimo jewelry.

Yesterday we went to the African Village, a very large area of extended tents filled with carvings, iron works, fabrics, beads, furniture, rugs---absolutely boggling. Had to leave early because a storm blew up and all the tent-holders had to roll down all the sides and close down to keep the tents from becoming airborne. Not fun to be standing in a dancing, flapping tent with rain and wind swirling around.

Here's a shot of one of the tables laden with piles of beads before the storm roared in. (Click the picture to get a full view of the beads.)

These chairs were completely covered with seed beads.

We had previously visited a tent that extended about the length of a football field showing beads, fossils, metiorites, minerals, jewelry, even stone sinktops, bowls, plates and even a desk.

If I just concentrate only on beads, there are at least four more venues to visit during the show!!! Don't know if my budget will survive.

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