Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kiln Firing Programs

So, after the last firing, which went very well by the way, I've decided to edit my preset computer program. I think I'm being 'way too cautious and can speed it up a bit.

I also noted that the kiln is firing a bit cooler this time, so that's another reason to speed up the ramps and temps.

The old schedule was:

Ramp Temp To Temp Hold Time

1 50 200 2 hrs (2.00)

2 80 350 2 hrs (1-6) depending on dampness and pack

3 90 1200 0.00 kiln will go until timp reached

4 250 1944

Alarm 1000


New Schedule will be:

1 50 250 2 hrs

2 80 500 1-6 hrs

3 90 1200 0.00 (until temp is reached)

4 250 1944 0.00

Alarm 1000


*I have to put this in to be sure I hit that start button to begin the firing--can't tell you how many times I didn't do this and couldn't figure out why the kiln wasn't firing. heh

Kilns are always evolving. I have noticed that this kiln is beginning to fire a tad cooler, so I can up the ramps and, if it fires again to 05, I will increase the target temps to compensate.

This is why it is really great to keep good notes about each firing--this was a loose pack kiln this time--so I know that if I fire a load that is really full and tight, I should up the final temperature to make sure the ware gets bisqued well.

It can be critical when it comes to a glaze firing because of those glazes you know only work well at certain temperatures.

With all the variables that come into play with clay work, it's a wonder we even pull it off sometimes!!

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