Saturday, March 3, 2012

Me, No More


The last workman has left the building.

Even though we've been back in the house after the flood,* there were still things that needed to be tweeked.

The mystery flickering lights in the bathroom and the occasional whiff of gas from the cooktop, to mention a few.
Both we and the electrician (who is now talking to himself even more than he did before) have racked our brains to try and figure out why our bathroom lights flickered at unpredictable intervals. It was like trying to shave or wash your face in an old movie theater. The mystery was finally solved when a new separate outlet was installed.

Our gas cooktop emitted a slight whiff of gas every so often and investigations by the installers and finally a gas company expert pinpointed the source under the cabinets at the regulator coming into the house. He immediately 'red tagged' the line and shut everything off. Which condemned me to cooking once again with an electric skillet. I should have never bought the thing. Instead of meals out, I have had to become an expert in one-pan meals.

Although I do have the microwave and the oven, I don't like microwaved meals and there's just so much you can bake. I'm more of a 3-pans going at the same time kinda cook.

But now I'm free, Free, FREE of the skillet, the workmen showing up every day, the bottling-up of the rabid Schnauzer who wants all their guts for garters.

Yesterday, I reinstalled my big tables in the garage, sorted my glazes and tools, rehabbed my clay and threw two big platters and a big bowl.

It's nice to be back to undisturbed studio time.

(Maybe I should have put the "Me" sign on the person on the top of the pile.)

*In June of this year, the water filter connection under the kitchen sink failed and flooded the house with about 2 inches of water. Luckily it was discovered quickly and a professional disaster team was on the scene with fans and rescued most of the furniture. Our insurance covered most of the damage, but attending to the aftermath has taken every bit of the time from the initial disaster until this last week. Everything is repaired, restored, and we essentially have a nearly new house, BUT I wouldn't recommend this as a plan for remodeling.

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