Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Computer Graphics

Here's a business logo I designed a few years ago.

I used Superpaint to draw the hen, do the lettering and encircle the design.

So, the placement wasn't good. The hen is looking like she's going out of the frame--too forward. Nice relationship between the curve of the tail feathers and the back of the circle. So, I moved her back and gave her 'beak room.'

I began to play with the image. Putting an apron on the hen.  And what could be more appropriate for a hen than to change the circle to an egg shape?

Maybe the glasses is a bit too much.......

I always liked the story of the Little Red Hen. "I'll do it myself" as in the story was sort of my motto as a child.

 I once read that by knowing people's favorite children's story, you could gain some insight into their psyche. I've pretty well stuck to The Little Red Hen for sure. 

 The title, "The Little Red" Hen may be under copyright, so I probably can's use The Little part. 

Maybe I'll make labels for my elderberry jelly and sell it at the Farmer's Market....... 


Sister Creek Potter said...

I liked the hen stepping out of the circle a bit--just a toe or two! Better than being centered in the frame. I love the apron and glasses! All in all, just great!

Clay and Fiber Artist said...


Yes, I think the backed-up hen with the teater-toes is the best.

I ran a page off and tried them as jelly jar lid inserts. It works as a strong image.

Maybe some fun plates.......