Sunday, September 30, 2012

Theme and Variation

It's amazing how a surface can make the same thing look so different.

These pears were made to be purely decorative. 

Sometimes, I make these to use as salt and peppers. (However, salt and peppers have a totally  different interior construction.)

The white pear glaze is just pure white with an iron-based stem glaze that was encouraged to run.

The matt black was a smoke fired piece which feels wonderful in your hand.

And the shiny black was a glaze test for this delightful glaze.

The smallest pear is a multiple finish:  A basic white with a pumpkin glaze and touches of turquoise glaze. An oxide was applied and then an adhesive for random additions of gold foil.  (Sometimes it's good to go 'way out on a limb.)

It garnered a prize in a Seattle show.

I like pears so much, I even make velvet pincushions. 

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