Saturday, March 30, 2013

I absolutely LOVE this guy's work,

He is a New Zealand potter; lives on the western side of the South Island in Hokitika, a place where New Zealand jade is plentiful and jade galleries abound in town. We marveled at a solid jade breakfast table and a bolder the size of a small settee.      

Weaver's main gallery space is a nice showroom at the edge of town. When we arrived, the owner said he had just left. He was one potter I really wanted to meet. I so admire his work. I had intended to buy one of his black teapots, but found a sauce pot I liked even better.

I don't know if he steam bends the wooden components of his pots or if someone else does them, but they always look just right on the piece.  I especially like the yardstick handles.


Ellen Mulligan said...

You are very lucky...he is one of my top two favorite potters (along with Yasuda)....happy for you.

Clay and Fiber Artist said...

Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your fine work.

Love that 2010 Mother's day plate!