Friday, March 22, 2013


You may have noticed a new disclaimer appearing at the right top of this blog.

It is there because I was recently duly chastised  by two people in the comments section because I had posted images of spoons that were unattributed, but had appeared on their 'collection' sites.

I hope this new statement explains and clarifies the intent I had in presenting those images.

I must admit, I was quite disturbed by their comments. So disturbed that I immediately erased and withdrew all the posts I had published and had queued up in draft form. I also erased their comments because I really did not want to know their names.

I was accused of lifting some of the images from their webpages to re-use in my blog. I frankly don't recall where all my references came from--that was not the point of the postings.

For myself, I don't care if anyone collects or shows my work without attribution. If I did, I would never post another jpeg. I own the image. I will own it forever. It's my work. I'm flattered if someone likes it and enjoys looking at it. I either own the actual piece or someone who loved it owns it.

It would be nice if, when the image is put on the web, it is attributed to me. But to expect that or to spend my time trying to police that, is utterly ridiculous IN MY OPINION. Other people might feel differently and they are in their rights to do so.

If I were trying to exploit, copy, or profit in any way from images of other's work, commercial or private,  that would be different. But art and artists thrive on sharing creativity.  The images present in this blog were offered in the spirit of that sharing; not exploiting.  The intent has always been on an objective basis; to discuss and appreciate elements of design, skill, technique, form, history.

Henceforth, whenever possible I will attempt to find an attribution for work.

Hint:  Many times just clicking on the image to isolate it onto a saparate page will give information concerning attribution and source.


-Rob, Simple Circle Studios said...

Sorry to hear that you had to deal with all that. I never understood when people pitched a fit about others using pictures of their work, especially in free media. It always seemed a bit...conceited, I guess...for someone to think that a blog was read, a magazine was bought, etc, just to get their one particular image. And even if it was, that just means you have fans. I would think that is a good thing.

Lori Watts said...

Oh, that's upsetting. I post other artists' work as a regular feature in my Thursday Inspirations...Sometimes I get email thanking me for featuring them. It never occurred to me that an artist would not WANT more people to see their work. Yikes.
Anyway, that sucks. Sorry you had to deal with it.

Clay and Fiber Artist said...

Thanks for your comment, Rob. Me thinks there are too many people who think it's their job to police others.....

I've found that for the most part, artists seem to have a more benign attitude when it comes to other folks. Maybe it comes with the creative psyche.

I like your work, by the way, great put-together-professional feel about it. Cheers, J.

Clay and Fiber Artist said...

Wow, Lori, REALLY nice work! And your blog title is great. Clay is no good unless ya make a mess! : )

But I am a robot said...

I wouldn't worry about it - see this article on fair use :