Friday, October 17, 2014

Snakey Plates

No. 1 First design-not my favorite.
Too much like a bulls-eye.

Of course I can't stop at just playing around with snake images. So I've been seeing if I can make a snake motif that says 'Snake' and also is graceful as a design.

I doubt anyone would want to eat a meal on a snake plate unless you're a zookeeper, or have a pet snake or study snakes for a living.

These are little thumbnails done with a felt pen within pre-drawn circles. So they are pretty rough, just notes and not intended for a finished piece.

In the process, it occurred to me to think about the encapsulation of the snakes in irregular fields. I like the idea, but overall the snakes are too small for the circle area.

No. 2 Second attempt

No. 3 Better design overall-more snaky.

No. 4 Tail too long.

No. 5 Probably my favorite design
along with No. 3.
So. Here's the question:  Would you want to have a set of snake plates?  Would you display them in your house? Would you ever make them?  Do you know anyone who has made them or has plates like this? 

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