Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Teapots - Form

I love these pots.

They all just scream FORM.

Form is so important in the creation process. To my mind, it is the primary; the first essential.

It doesn't matter so much how dazzling the glaze is or the size of the piece or any other aspect of design or treatment applied. If the form isn't good, no amount of attachments or embellishments can will overcome that.

FORM is the statement of the piece.

My first clay instructor asked me one day, "What statement are you making with this piece?"

I was flummoxed. To me, 'Statement' meant a verbal message. I just couldn't reconcile the idea of something said and a piece of clay.

In my mind, I thought it as a ridiculous thing to say. The two things just didn't relate to each other.


It is the kind of thing that hangs around the corners of your mind. Now, I get it.

Each of the following pots have strong statements. Wouldn't you agree?  What caption would you add?

What Sass! 
I would almost expect engine sounds, pouring out my tea.

Who's a clever lid, now?.

So beautifully traditional. 
Perfect blend of form and interpretation.

Perfect harmony, but does it pour?

I just know there's tea inside. Wonderful balance in so many ways.

Drop the body decoration and let the form fly!

Clever lid and chain. I've got you now, tea.

So simple; so difficult.

Great blend of two forms--stylized and slick. This pot just sings.

So does this one. Just look at the negative space! Wonderful surface design.

Everything relates like a Mother and Children. Or are they Minion? 

Strong, yet light. The handle could be slightly heavier, but not much.

Perfect glaze and form. I would love to see the handle up. I almost would rather see a vine handle, though.

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