Saturday, December 6, 2014

Spoon Design - More on Handles VI

I love these driftwood handles.

Another approach is to emphasize the handle by either carving or stamping it.

Using an embossed piece could work as in these metal backs.

Adding ornamentation to the handles either by carving, molding or stamping can be another approach to decoration.

Repeating an original design with a mold can assure perfect repetition.

Me, I hate repetition, so I would probably make all the handles similarly.

Whether this particular handle would sit comfortably in your hand is another consideration.

These silver pieces could be copied by hand or made into a mold to emboss the backs or front handles.

This is a novel design.  The handle is hollow and used to store salt. Maybe a special holder would keep the spoon upright and the salt in the handle.

Sculpting the handles of these hand formed spoons results in them moving out of the utilitarian range into an art form that borrows on the idea of a spoon.  

Retaining the spirit of spoons, but now moving into sculpture, the spoons become a piece of art, as in these rabbit spoons.  

Also, grouping them and presenting them collectively as a unit instead of individual pieces changes them into one statement.

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