Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mystery Teapot

Some time ago, I published a photo of this pot on the blog.

Unfortunately at the time, I couldn't find the maker's identity.

I included it in the post anyway because it's such a great piece.

I like the lovely glaze variation. There's lots of planes and surfaces  to show it off.

Three oval loops - each an individual statement,  yet relating nicely in oval form to each other and giving a wholeness to the piece.

Round-y additions that pop the mass and give references to each other, moving the eye. The bold statement of the spout.

Design rule going on here is 3 oval elements; 3 rounds and one strong variation.

Today, the maker of the pot contacted me.  She is a potter who works in St. Louis and her name is Yael Shomnoni. You can see more of her work at

Nice to hear from you, Yael, Great Work!

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