Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've been thinking more about Christo's work. A lot of people have thought it 'wierd' or 'silly' to wrap islands, make fabric gateways, etc. but what he's really doing is saying, "Take a fresh look at something you're been looking at and seeing it only to identify it." That's how a lot of people see things; only to label things, places, people, not really SEEing it. Christo presents us with a new vision; reidentifying something and making us really look at it.

That's part of an artist's job.

I usually don't like to get into this kind of thing. It seems to lame to try and use words to define a thing like 'art'. It's sort of like talking to computer geeks or reading manuals. I know it's English, but what does it Mean? A visual experience and language are two totally different things. One is right brain; the other left brain. If you could speak in double voices, using double language, then you could really talk about it. Sort of like singing. That takes both sides of the brain. If we could only sing art.........

Aaaaah! This makes my teeth itch and my hair hurt.

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