Saturday, January 27, 2007

Arfs and Crafts

Later on this year, a gallery in Tacoma called The Art Stop will sponsor a show and sale of dog and cat related works called "Arfs and Crafts". Aritsts make bowls and donate them to the sale. The proceeds go toward supporting the dog training program at the State Women's Prison in Purdy, WA. The women train them to be guide dogs. It's a really worthy cause which I've supported it for some years now.

So, the other day I got my head into a really funny gear thinking of an idea along the same line as the cat plates, etc. Yesterday, I made a tile by rolling out some clay, creating what looked like a note pad and added 3-D cat paws just at the bottom of the pad. I will write a message on the clay pad that says, "If you ever want to see Binkey again, leave 5 opened cans of Fluffy's Favorite outside the cat door--- or else!" The 'else' will trail down to the place where the paws are. And they will be made in such a way that you can put a ball-point pen in them.

I'll make two; one for me and one for the gallery. When I finish, I'll add a photo.

Of course, this kind of mind-kink brought on more funny stuff, like a tile that shows a stream of water at the bottom and at the top, the title, "The curse of a mind that never shuts up." Word bubble coming out of the water reads: "Help! I'm drowning in a stream of consciousness." And this one:
That's gotta be a tile.

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